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Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a Senior OEM Sales Engineer at Bitdefender. He joined the company's OEM Technology Licensing Unit in 2012, after previously working at Nero Inc for eleven years. With his extensive knowledge surrounding Bitdefender's SDK solutions, their features and capabilities, Craig provides our Partners and prospects with useful insights on how our solutions can best be used to enhance their product offerings. His 14+ years of experience in the Hardware & Software development industry has allowed him to build up a wealth of knowledge surrounding development and implementation processes, allowing him to provide key assistance to our Partner’s during their evaluation and integration of our Bitdefender solutions. He is based in Silicon Valley, California, and enjoys international traveling and active sports such as swimming, squash, camping and hiking.

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Mobile Malvertising on the Rise

Published on 10/07/14 04:13PM

Threats, Mobile Security

As the tech market trends show, the use of mobile devices continues to grow, and so do the mobile security threats. And since mobile devices are always on and carried from home, to work, on the weekend outing, to the annual or monthly shopping spree and everywhere else, they’ve become a prime target for ‘malvertising’.

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