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Dan Lowe

Dan Lowe is the OEM Senior Marketing Manager. He has worked at multiple security companies in the last 10 years and manages the OEM marketing team. He has a unique perspective on the industry as he has worked with different security technologies, such as: Antimalware, Firewalls, VPNs, DLP, and E-DRM.

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5 Reasons Why Companies Replace Their Antimalware Engine

Published on 10/23/14 11:07AM

OEM Business, Technology

If you are wondering whether your antivirus provider is helping your company to be successful, then this article is for you. Are you looking to replace an existing antivirus engine, wishing to integrate an antimalware engine, feeling your current antimalware engine is not performing the way you expected, and/or know that antivirus is an important element to your product strategy? Read further for some of the common reasons why companies consider replacing their antimalware engine.

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