George Yunaev

George Yunaev is a Senior Software Engineer at Bitdefender. He joined the company's OEM Technology Licensing Unit in 2008, after working at Kaspersky Lab for seven years. Aside from developing SDKs for various OEM solutions, George is also providing partners and prospects with useful insights into emerging threats and potential pitfalls of technology licensing. His extensive software engineering experience of 19 years also covers reverse-engineering and malware analysis. He is based in Silicon Valley, California, and enjoys traveling and active sports such as skydiving and wakeboarding.

Recent Posts

Setting the Record Straight: What’s an Advanced Persistent Threat?

Published on 11/17/14 01:46PM


With all the media hype created around Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) in the last couple of years, it may come as a surprise that there is no official definition for it in the industry. But it’s true. Security experts have yet to reach a consensus with regards to what exactly constitutes an APT. As a result, security companies have diverging opinions, and define it differently.

But why is a commonly accepted definition so important? Shouldn’t we concentrate our attention on solutions against APTs?

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What You Need to Know About BadUSB

Published on 10/30/14 04:11PM


BadUSB is the slang term attributed by the media to describe malicious USB devices. It used to refer only to devices manufactured specifically for malicious purposes. But recently, security researchers found a way to replace firmware on certain innocuous USB flash drives, and turn them into malicious USB devices. Which means, not only can a malicious device be created from scratch, but there’s a way to make your harmless device turn malicious as well. 

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