Am I Safe from Car Hackers Using Malware?

Published on 09/20/16 11:10PM

Threats, Technology, automobile

After purchasing my car, I wondered if I was going to regret my decision. At the car dealer, as I sat in the driver’s seat, the aviator style dashboard, array of digital displays, and innovative auto-sensing enhancements beckoned me to investigate further. As I was driving the car, I marveled at the plush leather seats and quick moving digital numbers of the speedometer jumping as I depressed the accelerator – my senses came alive. For 16-years, I have been driving a basic car with a plain dashboard, simple needle style speedometer, and creature comforts such as a AM/FM radio with a tape cassette. In my old car, I used to change my oil, replace my spark plugs, or fiddle around with the engine. Now, new automobiles have gone way beyond my capabilities as a do-it-yourself car mechanic. I have to take my car to the shop every time a fix it code appears on the dashboard display. I feel poorer after every visit to the mechanic because the new car requires a technician with a computer to diagnose my vehicle’s warning notifications. 

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Is There a False Sense of Security with Pin and Chip POS Technology

Published on 08/29/16 07:33PM

Threats, Technology, POS


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Why Don't You Provide Useful Malware Descriptions?

Published on 08/18/16 06:27PM


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The Growing Threat of Malware within Medical Devices

Published on 06/24/16 06:22PM


Malware Threats Are Rising Within Health Care Organizations.

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Common Myths about Antimalware Applications

Published on 05/06/16 08:44PM

Threats, Technology


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Opinion: RSA 2016 - Looking For the Next Big Thing!

Published on 03/07/16 11:56PM


Here is a recap of the RSA event from a vendor perspective while offering practical advice for future conferences.

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Bitdefender and 5nine Join Forces To Hit a `Sweet Spot’ of Security and Performance for Hyper-V Users

Published on 02/24/16 05:00PM

OEM Business, Technology

Bitdefender and 5nine have joined forces to hit a `sweet spot’ in the Hyper-V virtualization market in a product that brings the world’s highest quality of protection to companies’ virtual environments while maintaining optimum performance.

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The Leading Encryption Services Provider Is Now Covered by the Leading Antivirus Solution

Published on 12/03/15 03:00PM

OEM Business, Technology

Bitdefender and Egress Software Technologies have joined forces in a successful partnership that will bring the highest level of antivirus security to the market’s leading encryption services.

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4 Ways Secure Remote Monitoring Improves Businesses

Published on 11/25/15 03:00PM

Endpoint Security, Guest posts

Guest post courtesy of Michael Polaczy, Product Marketing Manager at TeamViewer, Bitdefender OEM & Technology Licensing Partner.

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Mobile Security: Mobile Devices Are The Next Big Opportunity for Hackers

Published on 10/29/15 03:30PM

Mobile Security, Endpoint Security

With malware losses costing upwards to $500 Billion dollars, rest assured that malware writers will want to set new records for 2015[i]. As the world becomes more interconnected, the speed to deliver future technologies has become an important factor to get ahead of the competition. Competitive pressures continue to force companies to deliver the next big thing, but they are creating security loop holes, vulnerabilities, and security lapses that facilitate malicious attacks. 

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