5 Compelling Reasons to Add Cloud Security to Your Cloud Solution

Published on 10/23/15 02:30PM

OEM Business, Cloud Security

The cloud marketplace is in continuous evolution. As a cloud service provider, you’re facing new challenges every day: new cloud technologies are stealing your thunder, and new data breaches like the (in)famous Ashley Madison case are refreshing security concerns with regards to cloud services. And surely, when talking with potential customers, you’ve faced them more than once. You are expected to answer not only questions about the technology, scalability and cost of your solutions, but also about your security model.

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Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) Are Becoming a Big Issue for Mac

Published on 10/14/15 01:30PM

Threats, Endpoint Security

Recently I talked about the ever growing Mac market share –registering 16% global growth YoY – in an overall decreasing PC market –contracting global at 12% YoY. In the same post we saw how, malware growth was up 286% in the same time period. In this post, second in this Mac-focused series, I would like to highlight a lesser known evil which we do not even classify as malware, yet is having just as a dramatic impact on user experience and business productivity: Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) a.k.a. Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) / adware.


PUAs generally come from third-party download sites. The software you download from such sites can include both the software that you want and adware you may not necessarily want, but you inadvertently accept during the installation process, as it is commonly accepted as non-malware. 


“PUAs generally include software that displays intrusive advertising, or tracks the user's Internet usage to sell information to advertisers, injects its own advertising into web pages that a user looks at…Unwanted programs often include no sign that they are installed, and no uninstall or opt-out instructions”

- Wikipedia 


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Top Issues with Insecure Routers and Printers. How to Mitigate Risks?

Published on 10/07/15 02:00PM


The fact that home and office network devices are insecure is nothing new. For years now, security researchers have pointed out security holes in printers and home and office routers.  And we’ve already seen malware exploiting vulnerabilities in routers to spread to other connected devices, and even hackers exploiting these vulnerabilities to take over the devices and use them to launch DDoS attacks towards online services. A case in point: in one of the largest DDoS attacks to date, hackers were able to bring down Sony and Microsoft’s gaming platforms around Christmas last year, relying in great part on hacked internet routers. Taking control over millions of home routers protected by little more than factory-default usernames and passwords, they were able to create botnets of home and office routers, and use them to launch DDoS attacks on the online gaming services.

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Malware-as-a-service Part III: What’s Next? Evolution and Mitigation

Published on 09/30/15 12:20PM


On July 5, the Italian surveillance company, Hacking Team, got hacked. Reportedly, hackers stole and made public 400 GB of data, including a number of spying/surveillance tools and vulnerability exploits. By July 8, one of these vulnerabilities, a Flash Player zero-day, was already being used by other malware actors to deliver Cryptolocker ransomware. Four days later, it was reported that at least another Adobe Flash vulnerability was being exploited. Needless to say, Adobe was in for some serious patching.

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Return of the Mac and the Beginning of Security?

Published on 09/25/15 02:30PM

Threats, Endpoint Security

At June’s Info Security Europe event in London I got asked by several attendees about our tech offering in regards to Mac, or at least how does Bitdefender see the Mac playing field. Add to that the fact that I am looking to get a Mac myself, my interest was piqued.

So, being a marketer – and a security marketer at that! –, I decide to contact our Mac security tech team and get the inside line – an understanding on the growing demand for Mac and its evolving security landscape.

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Are Endpoint Security Clients Still Relevant?

Published on 09/18/15 02:30PM

Endpoint Security

Though there are many different articles pointing to security hacks by proficient online criminals, does that mean you should stop protecting your endpoint devices? Well known attacks against Target, Home Depot, Sony, and others show us that business computer systems can be compromised. There is no shortage of attack vectors as mobile devices will emerge as the next criminal growth opportunity. IT people, security administrators, and business owners are very busy, as it’s hard to keep up with the multiple operating systems, heterogeneous IT environment, and latest online threats. But creating malware is a profit-making industry that will continue to flourish.

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Top Threats to Securing the Cloud

Published on 09/10/15 02:30PM

Threats, Cloud Security

With more businesses realizing the benefits of cloud adoption, the demand for cloud services grows and becomes more diverse. As you diversify and extend your product/service offering to meet this demand, the challenge to secure the cloud becomes greater. Cybercriminals have proven time and time again how good they are at hacking company cloud networks and leaking confidential information. Does the most recent Ashely Madison hack ring a bell?

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Malware-as-a-Service Part II: Tools of the Trade

Published on 08/31/15 03:30PM

On July 15, the US Department of Justice announced the FBI had taken down Darkode, one of the roughly 800 criminal Internet forums worldwide. According to the charging documents,

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The Broadband Service Provider's 4-Point Guide to Protecting Customers from Malware

Published on 08/26/15 06:00PM

Endpoint Security, Technology, Guest posts

Guest post courtesy of Jeremy Hill, Director Product Management at Radialpoint, a Bitdefender OEM & Technology Licensing Partner.

In this post, Jeremy provides Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) with expert advice on protecting customers, while avoiding the additional costs they may be facing when treating a malware infection.



When almost half of the calls received by our premium technical support teams at Radialpoint are the result of problems due to malware—we make it our business to stay on top of the latest threats making waves online.

After years of experience solving millions of technical support issues for our partners’ end users, here are 4 pro tips for BSPs to better protect customers and avoid the frustrations and costs related to treating a virus or malware infection.

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Malware-as-a-Service Part I: Cybercrime Getting Highly Organized

Published on 08/14/15 01:00PM


… and what businesses can learn from this undeniable fact

Did you know that cybercrooks can expect to earn 1,425% return on investment from a 30-day malware infection campaign?

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