Bitdefender and 5nine Join Forces To Hit a `Sweet Spot’ of Security and Performance for Hyper-V Users

Posted by Bitdefender OEM on 2016-02-24 17:00:00

Bitdefender and 5nine have joined forces to hit a `sweet spot’ in the Hyper-V virtualization market in a product that brings the world’s highest quality of protection to companies’ virtual environments while maintaining optimum performance.



Bitdefender’s world-leading antimalware software is now incorporated as the default security solution in 5nine’s solutions for Hyper-V virtualization with 5nine Cloud Security and 5nine Manager with Antivirus . The cooperation brings together two leaders in their fields to offer Hyper-V users of all sizes protection from every vulnerability with optimized performance.

The agreement with Bitdefender also allows 5nine clients to maximize performance with the industry’s quickest scan, which runs up to 70 times faster than other solutions by using the only antivirus and antimalware solution optimized for Hyper-V. To simplify licensing, customers also get their Bitdefender license directly through 5nine.

“Bitdefender has helped 5nine hit a sweet spot with our customer base,” says Symon Perriman, VP of Business Development at 5nine Software. “By partnering with Bitdefender we have been able to satisfy all of our customers’ needs with a fully integrated Hyper-V solution. They consistently rank at the top of the list in independent quality tests and the software is well suited to for virtualized environments.”

Amid growing concerns of cyber-espionage and data theft, Perriman says Bitdefender has a brand and reputation that is well trusted among business customers worldwide. Enterprises, along with small and medium-sized businesses in the US, the UK, Russia, Germany and other leading markets have all expressed confidence in security provided by Bitdefender.

The ease of integration in the software development kit, attentive customer support and compatibility were among the other features that impressed 5nine in Bitdefender’s OEM solutions and services

“We did evaluate half a dozen other solutions but we really wanted to go with a leading vendor, so we opted for Bitdefender,” Perriman says. “When we started looking for a partner, we drew up a wish list of about 20 qualities, and Bitdefender hit them all.”


Check out 5nine for more information about the company’s cutting-edge products and services. And contact us for more information on what security technologies you can integrate into your products – most importantly, why you should do it! 


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