5 Compelling Reasons to Add Cloud Security to Your Cloud Solution

Published on 10/23/15 02:30PM

OEM Business, Cloud Security

The cloud marketplace is in continuous evolution. As a cloud service provider, you’re facing new challenges every day: new cloud technologies are stealing your thunder, and new data breaches like the (in)famous Ashley Madison case are refreshing security concerns with regards to cloud services. And surely, when talking with potential customers, you’ve faced them more than once. You are expected to answer not only questions about the technology, scalability and cost of your solutions, but also about your security model.

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Top Threats to Securing the Cloud

Published on 09/10/15 02:30PM

Threats, Cloud Security

With more businesses realizing the benefits of cloud adoption, the demand for cloud services grows and becomes more diverse. As you diversify and extend your product/service offering to meet this demand, the challenge to secure the cloud becomes greater. Cybercriminals have proven time and time again how good they are at hacking company cloud networks and leaking confidential information. Does the most recent Ashely Madison hack ring a bell?

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Sony Security Breach: Unprecedented and Unparalleled. Or Is It?

Published on 12/19/14 03:48PM

Threats, Cloud Security, Network Security

If you thought the Apple iCloud breach was the biggest security hit on Hollywood this year, you’d be wrong. The recent attack on the film studio Sony Pictures is considered the biggest one yet, as the damage affects not only the company, but also its employees and film collaborators. The attackers, who call themselves the Guardians of Peace #GOP, leaked a treasure trove of internal data: high-quality screening copies of Annie, Fury, Mr. Turner and Still Alice, sales projections for a number of TV shows, company budgets, IT security plans and access credentials, personal information of employees and artists working with Sony, as well as payroll and compensation data. Given the amount of top secret data leaked, the US FBI department has jumped on the investigation, along with the security company that Sony hired to clean up its networks and restore its systems.

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