4 Ways Secure Remote Monitoring Improves Businesses

Published on 11/25/15 03:00PM

Endpoint Security, Guest posts

Guest post courtesy of Michael Polaczy, Product Marketing Manager at TeamViewer, Bitdefender OEM & Technology Licensing Partner.

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Mobile Security: Mobile Devices Are The Next Big Opportunity for Hackers

Published on 10/29/15 03:30PM

Mobile Security, Endpoint Security

With malware losses costing upwards to $500 Billion dollars, rest assured that malware writers will want to set new records for 2015[i]. As the world becomes more interconnected, the speed to deliver future technologies has become an important factor to get ahead of the competition. Competitive pressures continue to force companies to deliver the next big thing, but they are creating security loop holes, vulnerabilities, and security lapses that facilitate malicious attacks. 

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Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) Are Becoming a Big Issue for Mac

Published on 10/14/15 01:30PM

Threats, Endpoint Security

Recently I talked about the ever growing Mac market share –registering 16% global growth YoY – in an overall decreasing PC market –contracting global at 12% YoY. In the same post we saw how, malware growth was up 286% in the same time period. In this post, second in this Mac-focused series, I would like to highlight a lesser known evil which we do not even classify as malware, yet is having just as a dramatic impact on user experience and business productivity: Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) a.k.a. Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) / adware.


PUAs generally come from third-party download sites. The software you download from such sites can include both the software that you want and adware you may not necessarily want, but you inadvertently accept during the installation process, as it is commonly accepted as non-malware. 


“PUAs generally include software that displays intrusive advertising, or tracks the user's Internet usage to sell information to advertisers, injects its own advertising into web pages that a user looks at…Unwanted programs often include no sign that they are installed, and no uninstall or opt-out instructions”

- Wikipedia 


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Return of the Mac and the Beginning of Security?

Published on 09/25/15 02:30PM

Threats, Endpoint Security

At June’s Info Security Europe event in London I got asked by several attendees about our tech offering in regards to Mac, or at least how does Bitdefender see the Mac playing field. Add to that the fact that I am looking to get a Mac myself, my interest was piqued.

So, being a marketer – and a security marketer at that! –, I decide to contact our Mac security tech team and get the inside line – an understanding on the growing demand for Mac and its evolving security landscape.

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Are Endpoint Security Clients Still Relevant?

Published on 09/18/15 02:30PM

Endpoint Security

Though there are many different articles pointing to security hacks by proficient online criminals, does that mean you should stop protecting your endpoint devices? Well known attacks against Target, Home Depot, Sony, and others show us that business computer systems can be compromised. There is no shortage of attack vectors as mobile devices will emerge as the next criminal growth opportunity. IT people, security administrators, and business owners are very busy, as it’s hard to keep up with the multiple operating systems, heterogeneous IT environment, and latest online threats. But creating malware is a profit-making industry that will continue to flourish.

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The Broadband Service Provider's 4-Point Guide to Protecting Customers from Malware

Published on 08/26/15 06:00PM

Endpoint Security, Technology, Guest posts

Guest post courtesy of Jeremy Hill, Director Product Management at Radialpoint, a Bitdefender OEM & Technology Licensing Partner.

In this post, Jeremy provides Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) with expert advice on protecting customers, while avoiding the additional costs they may be facing when treating a malware infection.



When almost half of the calls received by our premium technical support teams at Radialpoint are the result of problems due to malware—we make it our business to stay on top of the latest threats making waves online.

After years of experience solving millions of technical support issues for our partners’ end users, here are 4 pro tips for BSPs to better protect customers and avoid the frustrations and costs related to treating a virus or malware infection.

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Ransomware Dominates the Current Security Threat Landscape. Most Likely, Its Future Too!

Published on 05/28/15 10:24AM

Threats, Endpoint Security

Lately, the security threat landscape has been undergoing some changes. No, we’re not talking about new types of malware spreading and ravaging end-users’ computers. We’re talking about a “shift in focus” in cybercriminal activity, influenced heavily by the latest trends in online payments.

If a few years ago, the popular way to make money using malware was creating (and deceiving people into downloading) FakeAVs, now the bad guys are focusing on Ransomware. And there are two main reasons for this focus shift:

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How Important Are False Positives in Measuring the Quality of an Antimalware Engine?

Published on 05/21/15 11:35AM

OEM Business, Endpoint Security, Technology

Antivirus false positives are not always attributed the importance they deserve.

Picture this scenario: you download a program from a legitimate source and when you try to install it, your antivirus stops you saying it’s potentially malicious. What do you do?

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Ways to Accelerate Your Business with Endpoint Security Solutions

Published on 03/25/15 04:00PM

OEM Business, Endpoint Security

Whether you sell a product or service to companies with more than a 1000 employees or less than 10 employees, you can offer endpoint security solutions without creating an endpoint security application from scratch, hiring a lot of domain experts, or providing a full staff of R&D experts for each security feature. Endpoint security companies are providing full featured client security applications that don’t require you to develop these applications on your own. Driving more revenue, keeping up with the competition, retaining customers, strengthening customer loyalty, and expanding market opportunities are often the reasons companies choose to add endpoint security to their product line.

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POS Security (2): Attack Vectors and Prevention Methods

Published on 03/04/15 04:00PM

Threats, Network Security, Endpoint Security

In POS Security: Lessons for Every Business Employing Such Systems we show how important it is for a retailer or any type of business processing credit card payments to fully understand how POS systems work and the security risks.

In this article, we’ll cover POS attack vectors and ways to detect and even prevent them. There are several ways someone may attack a POS, and we’ll analyze them one by one.

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