4 Ways Secure Remote Monitoring Improves Businesses

Published on 11/25/15 03:00PM

Endpoint Security, Guest posts

Guest post courtesy of Michael Polaczy, Product Marketing Manager at TeamViewer, Bitdefender OEM & Technology Licensing Partner.

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The Broadband Service Provider's 4-Point Guide to Protecting Customers from Malware

Published on 08/26/15 06:00PM

Endpoint Security, Technology, Guest posts

Guest post courtesy of Jeremy Hill, Director Product Management at Radialpoint, a Bitdefender OEM & Technology Licensing Partner.

In this post, Jeremy provides Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) with expert advice on protecting customers, while avoiding the additional costs they may be facing when treating a malware infection.



When almost half of the calls received by our premium technical support teams at Radialpoint are the result of problems due to malware—we make it our business to stay on top of the latest threats making waves online.

After years of experience solving millions of technical support issues for our partners’ end users, here are 4 pro tips for BSPs to better protect customers and avoid the frustrations and costs related to treating a virus or malware infection.

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