Holiday Shopping Blues: Customer Trust in POS Security Slumps. What to Do?

Published on 11/27/14 10:30AM

Threats, Network Security, Endpoint Security

Typically, ‘tis the season for joyous shopping. But after the latest POS Security breaches suffered by major retailers such as Target and Home Depot, customers seem to suffer from holiday shopping blues: their trust in credit card payments has dropped, and they’re reluctant to return to stores that have been hacked. According to a recent survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates International for, 45% of respondents owning a credit or debit card would definitely or probably avoid shopping at one of their regular stores if that retailer had experienced a data breach. Also, only one in eight respondents are still likely to shop with credit cards this holiday season.

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Smart Homes Controlled by Smartphones Need 3x Smarter Security

Published on 10/09/14 04:21PM

OEM Business, Mobile Security, Network Security, Endpoint Security

Oh, what’s in a home, if not comfort and safety? But what if you could enhance these attributes? Just imagine getting comfortable in your bed and suddenly realizing you forgot to lock your front door. What if, instead of actually going downstairs to lock it, you could just stay in bed and press a “lock door” button on your smartphone? You could do that – if you had a smart home automation system in place.

Although it’s still in its infancy, this niche market is creating a lot of hype in the tech world. There are mobile apps available for both Android and iOS which can control just about every device or functionality in your home. And there are actual home automation systems you can install and create a home network of interconnected devices and appliances that you can control through your smartphone. According to research company HIS Technology, by 2018 there will be 45 million smart home devices used as part of home automation systems around the world.

Controlling all of your smart appliances through your smart phone sounds so convenient, doesn’t it? But what about security?

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