Am I Safe from Car Hackers Using Malware?

Published on 09/20/16 11:10PM

Threats, Technology, automobile

After purchasing my car, I wondered if I was going to regret my decision. At the car dealer, as I sat in the driver’s seat, the aviator style dashboard, array of digital displays, and innovative auto-sensing enhancements beckoned me to investigate further. As I was driving the car, I marveled at the plush leather seats and quick moving digital numbers of the speedometer jumping as I depressed the accelerator – my senses came alive. For 16-years, I have been driving a basic car with a plain dashboard, simple needle style speedometer, and creature comforts such as a AM/FM radio with a tape cassette. In my old car, I used to change my oil, replace my spark plugs, or fiddle around with the engine. Now, new automobiles have gone way beyond my capabilities as a do-it-yourself car mechanic. I have to take my car to the shop every time a fix it code appears on the dashboard display. I feel poorer after every visit to the mechanic because the new car requires a technician with a computer to diagnose my vehicle’s warning notifications. 

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Is There a False Sense of Security with Pin and Chip POS Technology

Published on 08/29/16 07:33PM

Threats, Technology, POS


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Why Don't You Provide Useful Malware Descriptions?

Published on 08/18/16 06:27PM


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Common Myths about Antimalware Applications

Published on 05/06/16 08:44PM

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Bitdefender and 5nine Join Forces To Hit a `Sweet Spot’ of Security and Performance for Hyper-V Users

Published on 02/24/16 05:00PM

OEM Business, Technology

Bitdefender and 5nine have joined forces to hit a `sweet spot’ in the Hyper-V virtualization market in a product that brings the world’s highest quality of protection to companies’ virtual environments while maintaining optimum performance.

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The Leading Encryption Services Provider Is Now Covered by the Leading Antivirus Solution

Published on 12/03/15 03:00PM

OEM Business, Technology

Bitdefender and Egress Software Technologies have joined forces in a successful partnership that will bring the highest level of antivirus security to the market’s leading encryption services.

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The Broadband Service Provider's 4-Point Guide to Protecting Customers from Malware

Published on 08/26/15 06:00PM

Endpoint Security, Technology, Guest posts

Guest post courtesy of Jeremy Hill, Director Product Management at Radialpoint, a Bitdefender OEM & Technology Licensing Partner.

In this post, Jeremy provides Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) with expert advice on protecting customers, while avoiding the additional costs they may be facing when treating a malware infection.



When almost half of the calls received by our premium technical support teams at Radialpoint are the result of problems due to malware—we make it our business to stay on top of the latest threats making waves online.

After years of experience solving millions of technical support issues for our partners’ end users, here are 4 pro tips for BSPs to better protect customers and avoid the frustrations and costs related to treating a virus or malware infection.

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Bitdefender OEM & Libraesva: Allies in the Fight against Email Security Threats

Published on 07/21/15 09:06AM

OEM Business, Network Security, Technology, News

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Mobile Application Security: Soon Enough, Hackers’ Attack Vector of Choice

Published on 07/10/15 03:30PM

Mobile Security, Technology

… but overlooked by app developers and enterprises alike

Recently, the Bitdefender Research team found a security flaw in Instapaper. The popular Android app allows users to save and store articles for reading, particularly when they’re offline, on the go, or don’t have Internet access. Users have to create an account to be able to check notes, liked articles or access other options. The vulnerability discovered lies not in how the app “fetches” content from the web, but in the fact that it doesn’t perform any certificate validation. This opens the door for man-in-the-middle attacks [1]  that could allow an attacker to use a self-signed certificate, start “communicating” with the app, and collecting authentication credentials. Such an attack could have serious consequences, especially for those who use the same password for multiple accounts – they could have several accounts hacked into. 

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Spammers Getting More Clever – An Analysis of Recent Spam Attacks

Published on 06/25/15 08:29AM

Threats, Network Security, Technology

There are many ways a spammer can infect a device with malware and capture confidential or banking information or sell counterfeit drugs, luxury items or software. A few years ago, spammers would register fictitious email accounts with many different webmail services to send spam messages which would capture private information or make victims partake in affiliate scams. As antispam companies became more proficient in identifying unsolicited messages through email domains and IP addresses, spammers began to use more clever techniques. An example is the so-called snowshoe spamming, in which spammers scatter their messages across a wide range of IPs and domains, in order to blur domain reputation metrics and evade filters. Recent years have seen a rise in snowshoe spam, but while this type of spam fits into a pattern, the way it’s executed may vary from one spam wave to another.

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