InfoSecurity Europe 2015. The Big Security Picture.

Published on 06/09/15 02:30PM

OEM Business, Technology


Being my first year at Infosecurity Europe (Infosec), I cannot compare it with previous editions. 

But the feedback I received from exhibitors and attendees alike in regards to content, networking opportunities and the new venue (Olympia London) was very positive. Although official numbers are still not in yet Malcolm Wells, Exhibition Manager @ Infosecurity Europe, informs us that numbers are up on 2014. So congratulations to the Infosec team on their 20th event anniversary, and in regards to the bigger numbers this year. However, when I review the 3-day event, I don’t think big numbers, I think big picture.

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How Important Are False Positives in Measuring the Quality of an Antimalware Engine?

Published on 05/21/15 11:35AM

OEM Business, Endpoint Security, Technology

Antivirus false positives are not always attributed the importance they deserve.

Picture this scenario: you download a program from a legitimate source and when you try to install it, your antivirus stops you saying it’s potentially malicious. What do you do?

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Why IoT Security Will Be a Nightmare for Everyone

Published on 05/08/15 02:00PM

Technology, Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be about innovation, about developing new cool, exciting “things” that nobody has done before – developing them fast, bringing them to the market with high speed. And people developing these things do understand the importance of security. Even for a small thing such as a wireless-controlled lamp, a user wouldn't want any neighbor kid to control it. However, as the 2014 Blackhat/Defcon showed[1], a number of those devices have rather inadequate security and could be easily broken into. So why exactly does this happen?

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The New Security Mindset Emerging from the RSA Conference 2015

Published on 04/30/15 01:16PM

OEM Business, Technology, Internet of Things

The RSA Conference was bigger than ever, with more participants and more ideas worth spreading. Since this event is the place where the world talks security, we had to be a part of that conversation. So we went there to tell the world the Bitdefender story, but also to listen to the bustling crowd. For personal views on the hustle&bustle of the RSA Conference 2015 and buzzing topics, check out this opinion piece written by our own Darragh Kelly.

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Opinion Piece: RSA Conference 2015 or 'This Is War!'

Published on 04/28/15 12:12PM

OEM Business, Technology, Internet of Things

Thiwas my first time at the RSA Conference, so hopefully that will give you some context to this post and some of the points I took away from this year’s event held in San Francisco between April 20th and 23rd at the Moscone Conference, where the world talks about security. And this year they talked in greater numbers than ever with record attendance: more than 700 speakers at more than 400 sessions, keynotes, peer-to-peer sessions, Learning Labs, track sessions, tutorials, forums, cowdsourced talks, and seminars.

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3 Key Security Takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC15)

Published on 03/19/15 04:00PM

Mobile Security, Network Security, Technology

This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC15) was the biggest yet. With over ninety three thousand attendees from two hundred countries and speakers from all industries touched by the mobile market, the event was abuzz with mobile innovations. But, mind you, the show’s major theme has evolved since its first edition ten years ago. It’s not just about ‘mobile’ anymore. It’s about mobility and all the connected devices that make up the Internet of Things. And we could clearly see a number of trends shaping.

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BMW Security Flaw: IoT Security Still an Afterthought?!

Published on 02/20/15 04:00PM

Threats, Technology, Internet of Things

As German luxury car maker BMW releases a security patch for their in-car software, one cannot help but wonder: is IoT security still an afterthought?

A couple of weeks ago, the BMW Group announced a security patch for a vulnerability in their ConnectedDrive system that could put 2.2 million Rolls-Royce, Mini and BMW vehicles at risk. Using a SIM card, the software allows car owners to access and control car navigation functions, internet connected features, windows and doors. Imagine what could have happened if hackers had discovered the flaw before the researchers at the German Automobile Association, ADAC.

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Top OEM Predictions for 2015: Security Becomes Smarter

Published on 01/16/15 03:52PM

OEM Business, Network Security, Endpoint Security, Technology, Internet of Things

Technologies are evolving at a faster pace than ever before. They’re becoming smarter, quicker, wiser. The evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) over the past couple of years is a clear sign that we’re becoming more connected with each other, with our homes and offices. And that connectivity becomes seamless, uninterrupted, as more sophisticated wearable devices enable us to stay connected while out and about. But greater connectivity comes with greater security risks. Cybercriminals have shown time and time again how skilled they are at exploiting a variety of interconnected systems and networks. So what about security – how will it evolve with all these welcome-but-risky developments?

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8 Criteria for Choosing the Right Antimalware SDK

Published on 12/11/14 11:31AM

OEM Business, Technology

Selecting the right antimalware Software Development Kit is an important task for business decision makers looking to grow revenue, increase profit, and expand into new markets. There is no perfect strategy for selecting the right antimalware engine, but here are a few suggestions that will help you determine the right criteria. 

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Detecting Advanced Persistent Threats: Myths & Realities

Published on 12/02/14 11:07AM

Threats, Network Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) have been a hot topic for quite some time. In the hype created around it, the media and security specialists have ventured to provide opinions and explanations on various aspects, including what an APT is, and how to protect against it. For example, security vendors offering solutions against APTs often claim that “Traditional signature-based security won't protect you from APTs”. They also explain that they offer “a signature-less, virtualized detection engine", and other modern technologies that protect against APTs. But are they really 100% effective?

And are all these claims valid?

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