Ways to Accelerate Your Business with Endpoint Security Solutions

Posted by Dan Lowe on 2015-03-25 16:00:00

Whether you sell a product or service to companies with more than a 1000 employees or less than 10 employees, you can offer endpoint security solutions without creating an endpoint security application from scratch, hiring a lot of domain experts, or providing a full staff of R&D experts for each security feature. Endpoint security companies are providing full featured client security applications that don’t require you to develop these applications on your own. Driving more revenue, keeping up with the competition, retaining customers, strengthening customer loyalty, and expanding market opportunities are often the reasons companies choose to add endpoint security to their product line.


According to IDC, endpoint security market generated $8.8 Billion in 2013 and is forecasted to grow at 5.1% compounded annual growth through 2018. The number of endpoint devices within an organization is staggering, as many employees will have 2 or more devices that can access network resources. The industry trend has been to open up the corporate security so individuals can have the freedom to work from any location. As borders are more porous, network security companies need to find ways to lift their stagnant sales to the next level. Endpoint security can extend the network border and provide the security needed to address the need to open up the network without a significant compromise in security.

Whether you are a remote management and monitoring company (RMM), IT management service organization, network level security provider, gateway security device, or product or service that has a central management console, endpoint security products can help your organization drive more opportunities. A centralized dashboard that configures devices, maintains corporate policies, or provides reporting, is a natural choice to add security products and services as it will serve as an extension to the existing product line. As online threats are more prevalent and affecting all types of businesses, the need to deter and mitigate breaches is more important now than ever.

An Endpoint Software Development Kit (SDK) consists of two components. The first component is installed into a client device whether that is a computer running on Windows, Mac, or Unix or a mobile product. The client software can detect and prevent malicious activity from compromising the device through various security features, such as antimalware, firewall, web security, intrusion detection, or a number of different components. The second component issues commands to the client software and communicates to a dashboard or centralized management console. The second component can display device activity, control the application residing within the device, or allow the individual to view an activity log through the management interface. 

There are many reasons for a company to provide endpoint security to their customers. Download full article to learn about those that will help you accelerate your business. 

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