5 Reasons Why Companies Replace Their Antimalware Engine

Posted by Dan Lowe on 2014-10-23 11:07:00

If you are wondering whether your antivirus provider is helping your company to be successful, then this article is for you. Are you looking to replace an existing antivirus engine, wishing to integrate an antimalware engine, feeling your current antimalware engine is not performing the way you expected, and/or know that antivirus is an important element to your product strategy? Read further for some of the common reasons why companies consider replacing their antimalware engine.


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Customers are complaining about your product because it is not catching malware that should have been caught. This is a prime reason for your customers to stop renewing their license. When your customers start feeling that your product does not adequately protect their computers from malware, then your renewal rates go down. It may be that your customers are complaining about the abnormal number of false positives - meaning that your current solution is identifying a file as being malicious, when it is not.


Competition is fierce and you are losing some business deals and contracts. Your existing antivirus provider acquired another company or changed its strategy and is now competing with you for the same business. The competition is lowering prices and your profit margin is declining sharply. You are finding that your product is not doing very well in some of the third party tests and your existing antivirus vendor provides only adequate results.

Branding and product visibility is very low and your name isn’t getting on the list of the top 3 vendor choices. Your brand continues to perform poorly on third party antivirus testing bake-offs. Magazine, blog, forum, and online article writers are not mentioning your brand or are writing negative reviews which are impacting renewals and new sales. You are feeling that your brand is starting to form a negative impression in the mind of your prospects.

Innovation is not a strong character of your existing antivirus provider. Your antivirus provider is not developing technology that is responding to emerging threats. Web threats are a common method for launching online threats and your provider may not have strong real-time threat capabilities.

Flexible models are almost non-existent. Let’s face it, people own multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets, internet only notebooks. An antivirus provider that does not have a comprehensive strategy to easily grow your business in a new direction while providing different licensing models to test new channels may not be an ideal match for your organization.

First and foremost, listen to your customers and find out what they think about your product. Determine exactly what they like about your product and how to make it better. If the current antivirus provider or your existing antimalware lab is not keeping up with antivirus threats, then it could be time to look for other ways to supplement your existing capabilities or replace your existing antimalware provider.

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